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10 Food Delivery Services Available Right Now in Canada

food delivery services in Canada

Skip the store and order your groceries online

With social distancing measures still in effect in Canada to prevent the spread of COVID-19, getting groceries isn’t exactly an easy task. Many of us dread going on our grocery store run in fear of coming into contact with the virus and bringing it home to our loved ones. But, there is a solution: food delivery services.Whether you’re looking to stock up on fresh produce, locally sourced meat or ready-to-eat meal options, there are plenty of food delivery services right here in Canada. These services not only deliver right to your front door, but also are a great way to support your community during a time when it needs your help. Just remember to take the proper precautions for disinfecting and to always wash your hands when you’re done.Here’s a list of the best food delivery services in Canada.

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