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Tips for Finding Your Best Pair of Running Shoes

1. Find the right type of shoe

Wear shoes that are made for running. Running shoes will have tread patterns designed for linear motion, while training shoes will have treads made for multi-directional movement and cutting.(Also, here’s what every woman needs to know about running.)

2. Choose the best weight

Having a lightweight shoe means that there is less force on impact, which reduces the risk of injury.

3. Search for the perfect fit

A good fit (and proper socks) will help you avoid blisters. Three out of five people arent wearing the right shoe size.(Here’s how to achieve your running goals.)

4. Consider the material

Look for fabric thats lightweight, breathable and durable.(Here’s how to love running coming from someone who absolutely hated it!)

5. Check out the sole

Thickness: Look for a foam sole with a higher stack for a softer feel and optimal impact absorption.Shape: Choose a wider-shaped sole for greater stability.Outsole: Increased rubber on the outsole helps with traction and durability.Midsole: Flex grooves improve flexibility by allowing the shoe to bend where the foot naturally does.Try: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Running Shoes, $215, nike.com

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