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4 Strength Training Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

strength training

1. Check your ego

If you are new to the weight room, or simply just aren’t feeling all that confident in your abilities, it’s important to check your ego at the door and consult with an expert. “My biggest tip is to ask the staff at the gym for a tour to get acquainted with the equipment, layout of the facility, and general etiquette rules,” explains Jackie Cooney, the fitness manager at Calgary’s Talisman Centre. “Get instruction on how to properly use the machines and the proper form for lifting.” This is not only important for avoiding injuries (and potentially embarrassing episodes at the squat rack), but also in developing the lean physique you are after. Cooney also suggests trying a new piece of equipment each time you train so you gain comfort with a variety of workouts. Also, remember that everyone is slightly confused and intimidated at first. To make things a little easier, learn the strength training mistakes you need to avoid.

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