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Is Coronavirus Airborne? What Doctors Need You to Know

is coronavirus airborne?

Is Coronavirus Airborne?

One of the most critical questions of the coronavirus pandemic seems straightforward: Can I catch it from just breathing the air? Initially, many experts said no, believing instead that transmission required a cough or sneeze to spread virus-laden respiratory droplets.However, after 45 of 60 people who attended a choir practice in March in Washington state became infected and two dieddespite no one showing symptoms, hugging, or shaking hands at the timeit began to seem likely that the virus could spread through aerosols, which are microscopic particles that are much smaller than droplets and can hang longer in the air.That incident and continued outbreaks in long-term care facilities have led some experts to reconsider their thinking on how Covid-19 may spread.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), acknowledging that even people who don’t have symptoms can spread the disease, changed their face mask recommendation in early April. They are now asking everyone to wear cloth face masks in public places like grocery stores and pharmacies, where it’s difficult to maintain the recommended “social distance” gap of 6 feet or more.Here’s what’s known today about how the novel coronavirus spreads in the air and how you can protect yourself.

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