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8 Ways to Use Your New Fitness Tracker to Get Fit

fitness tracker to get fit

Input personal biometrics and keep them up to date

During the initial set-up phase of your fitness tracker, you’ll likely be prompted to input details about your gender, height, weight, physical activity goals, and more. That way, your wearable can tailor your calorie burn estimate with your body as a blueprint.

“The ability to personalizeso it’s tracking YOU and not a generic average human that’s not youis one of the big benefits,” says Caley Crawford, a NASM-certified personal trainer and the director of education and programming at Row House in Irvine, California.

Don’t forget to adjust accordingly as you get stronger and fitter, suggests Jessica Cifelli, master instructor for CycleBar in Wyckoff, New Jersey. “Over time, success in our workout goals often means a change in body composition,” Cifelli says. “To keep your goals accurate, keep your information updated. This will keep your progress moving forward,” as you can tailor your new target to your current body measurements.

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