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Energy Healer’s Book of Dying with Suzanne Worthley

SUZANNE is a Quantum Energy Healing Practitioner that provides several kinds of services such as:

  • personal healings,
  • space healings,
  • spirit work,
  • crossing over work,
  • clearing work and
  • vigil/death and dying work.

She is a full-time practitioner, presenter, instructor and mentor. She includes energy-based presentations through her own series, Community Education and College Course instruction.

Suzanne is certified in various healing modalities and trained in intuitive and psychic practices.  Furthermore, she is certified in hospice and death vigil. She authored the book “An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying published by Findhorn Press and Inner Traditions.

Suzanne has been highlighted and interviewed for numerous articles in newspapers, magazine and blogs. She also has been a guest on many radio programs. She owns an on-line community and monthly membership; Vibe Tribe.  Her website hosts several blogs, webcasts and podcasts.
She is a producer of various special events including Retreats in Sedona plus offers an annual spiritual Tour to Peru where she works with the shamans that have dubbed her “Healer of the Sky”.

Contact:  www.sworthley.com

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