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The Easy Sourdough Bread Recipe You’ve Been Looking For

easy sourdough bread recipe

Your Next Quarantine Baking Project

You don’t have to visit the corner bakery for a good loaf of sourdough. It’s easier to make at home than you’d expect, especially when you use this Test Kitchen trick for simpler sourdough. The secret? Having the sourdough rise two different ways.Traditional sourdough bread uses only sourdough starter culture, a natural yeast. It yields a rich flavour. But natural leavening is much fussier than commercial yeast. It takes more time. The temperature has to be just right, and so does your starter culture. Any glitches along the way and sourdough can turn out more like a brick than a bread loaf.This recipe gives you the tangy flavour of sourdough starter plus the fast, reliable rise of active dry yeast. The result is two luscious loaves with light, airy crumb structure. Note: You’ll need to make the sourdough starter about a week before sourdough bread.(Also, check out these other quarantine activities that can boost your wellbeing.)

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