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Why Is There Caffeine in My Skin-Care Products?

caffeine skin-care products

Caffeine in Skin Care

You’re probably heard that caffeine-containing drinks like coffee and tea may be good for your health. Although too much caffeine is dangerousenergy drinks and supplements in particularin moderation it’s thought to be just fine.Coffee, in particular, has been well studied and associated with all kinds of good things, including a reduction in the risk of heart troubleand even some neurological conditions. (Although both coffee and tea are thought to have other potentially beneficial ingredients besides caffeine.) That’s what happens if you put coffee in your body, but what about on your body?Caffeine has certain properties that might also be good for your skinand cosmetic companies have introduced caffeine-containing products like eye creams, anti-cellulite lotions, tinted moisturizers, and cleansers that deliver it. But, will a caffeine-containing product actually make your skin look better than a caffeine-free product? When it comes to skin health, here’s what the experts say.

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