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11 Hidden Signs You May Get a Serious Sunburn

closeup of a young caucasian man seen from behind on the beach applying sunscreen to his own back

Surprising risks of sunburn

The weather is getting warmer and the sunny days are stretching out longer and longer. This is also a good time to restock on sunscreen (if you havent already) to protect yourself against skin damage and skin cancer. But, practicing sun safety to reduce the risk of sunburn does not stop at applying sunscreen.There are several surprising things that can actually increase sun sensitivity or your risk of sunburn. From medications to the foods you eat, depending on the ingredients, they can trigger sunburn-like symptoms that will leave your skin itchy, red, and in pain.To help you avoid these unexpected sunburn triggers, we spoke with dermatologists who weigh in on the most common, yet surprising ones, and what to do about it.

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