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10 Medicine Cabinet Essentials Nurses Always Keep on Hand

medicine cabinet essentials

What nurses always keep in their medicine cabinets

The key to being prepared for a medical emergency is to keep a fully stocked and effective medicine cabinet. The first step: Check out your current inventory and toss anything that has expired. “It is really common to buy things, not need them for a long time, and then when you go to use them they are expired,” says Andrea Tran, a registered nurse, an international board-certified lactation consultant, and founder of Breastfeeding Confidential, a blog about all things breastfeeding.”A tip to manage expiration dates is to have an inventory list of all the meds in your cabinet plus their expiration dates. Keep it handy and check it monthly. If you have a kit, include the earliest expiration date in there.” Tran adds that you should also avoid combining or repackaging and keep items in their original boxes or bottles. That way, you’ll always know what the expiration dates are.Ready to restock your medicine cabinet? Read on for the products nurses rely on to heal every ache, cut, and infection.

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