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7 Daily Exercises to Improve Your Balance

exercises for better balance


Tadasana, or mountain pose, is a staple in yoga practices to work total balance. While it may seem like an inactive pose, it helps to focus the body and overall awareness while improving balance and posture. With your feet parallel and hip width distance apart, stand with your shoulders relaxed and gaze forward. As you inhale, bring your arms up and overhead next to your ears, again pulling the shoulders down. Exhale as your bring your arms back to your sides. Alison West, PhD and ERYT, says this may not feel like a strengthening exercise, but you are opening the front of the chest, increasing breathing capacity, and blood circulation, necessary health factors when building muscle strength.

Danielle Prager of Jivamuukti Yoga reminds us even in Tadasana the energy is moving up the back and down the legs. By nourishing and strengthening tissues, West says you are elevating your mood and building physical confidence. (Plus, here’s how yoga can help treat stress, bloating, and fatigue.)

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