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CBD For Dogs FAQ: All About Giving CBD To Dogs

Wondering if CBD oil can help your dog?

Our dogs quickly become part of our family. It pains us to see them hurting whether it is physical discomfort or emotional distress. Luckily, CBD oil can provide some relief and give our pets the opportunity to live long and active lives.

Below are common questions pet owners have about CBD oil.

What are the benefits of giving CBD to dogs?

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system interacts with and regulates various bodily functions including digestion, mood, stress responses, and so on. Certain compounds, like CBD, work to support the ECS and promote homeostasis throughout the body. 

Dogs can see similar benefits as humans after taking CBD, including increased feelings of calm, supporting overall wellness, and supporting healthy muscles in older dogs. 

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Yes! That said, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian before beginning any new wellness regimens for your dog.

The advice we give to humans also applies to dogs: Start low and go slow.

On choosing the right dose of CBD

Some possible side effects of using CBD in dogs could include dry mouth and increased drowsiness. CBD could interact with certain medications, which is why it’s important to talk with your vet, especially if they’re currently taking other medications. 

Can I give human CBD oil to my dog?

That depends. There are a lot of ingredients, like essential oils used for flavoring, that aren’t good for dogs.

For that reason, we recommend only using products specified for pets. CBD oil formulated for dogs is typically unflavored or formulated with flavors like salmon or beef for a taste dogs will enjoy.

CBD oil for dogs usually comes in lower milligram strengths than human CBD oil, ensuring they receive an optimal serving size to fit their canine needs. That being said, you could technically give your dog human CBD oil so long as it’s derived from hemp, contains little to no THC and doesn’t contain any added flavor.

If you do give your dog human CBD oil, also make sure you’re following recommended servings for your dog’s weight. 

How do I know the right amount of CBD oil for my dog?

Determining just how much CBD oil to give your dog can be a bit confusing. The same advice we give to humans applies to dogs, too. Start low and go slow. Begin with a small serving size and then increase the amount of CBD oil after you’ve observed how it affects your dog.  

One of the biggest things to take into consideration is your dog’s size and weight. A general rule of thumb is to start with 1-2mg per 10lbs. If your dog weighs 25lbs, you consider starting out with 5mg CBD.

The amount of CBD oil you give your dog will also differ depending on why you’re giving it to them. Larger servings are usually recommended for more serious concerns, while lower servings are often used for general overall well-being and stress relief. 

Can CBD help my older dog move better?

Senior dogs often need extra special care. As dogs get older, they begin to lose the energy they once had. Daily walks, chasing balls and frolicking freely tend to give way to less and less interest in these activities that once filled their days.

An older dog rests on a cement stoop, happily playing with a plastic ball toy.
CBD can offer relief of unpleasant symptoms of aging in older dogs.

Many pet owners have turned to CBD oil as a way to increase movement in their aging four-legged friends.  Because CBD may promote healthy muscles and joints, it’s believed that giving it to older pets could help improve mobility.  

Can CBD help calm my dog during fireworks?

If your dog ducks for cover during firework celebrations on holidays like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, you might’ve heard CBD could help ease their stress.

Fireworks have a tendency to send many dogs into a panic and keeping them calm can feel all but impossible. Giving them CBD oil could help. It all comes down to the way this supplement interact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, regulating their internal balance and help them manage situational stress.

Can CBD help my dog during thunderstorms?

Fireworks aren’t the only thing that can trigger fear and stress in your pup. Thunderstorms can quickly send your dog searching for a safe place to hide until the storm passes, leaving them trembling, pacing, panting and acting completely out of sorts. Some dogs will bark incessantly and even become aggressive during thunderstorms.

Can CBD help? It just might. It works for thunderstorms in a way similar to fireworks. Through its positive influence on the ECS, CBD is believed to reduce situational stress and calm fear through the way it interacts with specific receptor sites in the brain. Giving hemp extract to your dog at the first signs of a thunderstorm could help keep them calm until the weather clears up. 

How do I give CBD to my dog?

When it comes to giving your dog CBD, you’ve got a few different options.

The easiest and most effective way by far to administer CBD oil to your dog is directly into their mouth. Simply draw your desired serving into the dropper and slowly extract the tincture into their mouth.

Some dogs will happily lap the oil up drop by drop, but others are a bit more finicky. In that case, you could also give your dog CBD in a treat. Just drop the oil onto their favorite snack and they’ll probably gobble it up.

There’s also the option of CBD dog chews, which can be great because they come with a perfectly measured serving and your dog is sure to love them. That being said, most CBD dog treats are available in low servings, meaning you might have to give a bigger dog quite a few treats to meet their recommended serving. This is something to keep in mind when your dog requires a larger serving of CBD, as too many treats might not be the best choice for their diet.

Can my dog get high from CBD?

Interested in giving your dog CBD but concerned it could make them high? The short answer is no.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties and won’t make you or your dog high. That being said, CBD derived from hemp extract does contain trace amounts of THC. It’s a percentage so small, however, that it likely won’t get a dog high.

Even high doses of THC are rarely harmful for pets long term, but small animals are naturally more sensitive to this compound than humans. Many pet owners opt for a broad spectrum CBD tincture (meaning all THC has been removed). This offers the peace of mind that their dog couldn’t get high even if it tried.

In other words, your dog could somehow get into the whole bottle of broad spectrum CBD pet oil or CBD treats and not feel any psychoactive effects in the slightest. However, since CBD can have minor side effects, it’s important to use only the right dose for your pet (see below for more on this).

How long does it take for CBD to take effect in my dog?

Keep in mind that all pets are unique and the amount of time it takes for them to feel the effects of CBD will be different depending on their individual needs. Not only does it depend on your dog, but also the reason you’re using CBD oil. Effects aren’t always immediate, and it can be a bit difficult to tell when CBD actually starts working.

For general wellness concerns and conditions such as situational stress and or discomfort, you might start noticing effects within 30-60 minutes after giving it to your pet. If you don’t see any changes within an hour, you can try slightly increasing the serving.

It might take longer to notice a positive effect with more serious conditions. It’s best to regularly administer CBD for 2-3 weeks, waiting a bit before tweaking serving sizes so you notice lasting effects. 

How long does CBD last in my dog’s system?

It’s natural to want to know how long this supplement will stay in a dog’s system. Human studies tell us that CBD stays in the system after its effects have worn off, and it’s believed dogs aren’t much different. Exactly how long CBD stays in your dog’s system is dependent on a few factors including weight, energy and activity level, diet and how much and how often they’re given CBD oil.

Generally speaking, if you give your dog CBD oil one time, it should be out of their system in a few days. On the other hand, giving your dog CBD twice a day regularly for weeks, it could take a couple weeks to leave the system after you discontinue use. Those who give their pooch CBD moderately (think a few times a week) can expect CBD to stay in their dog’s system for five days or more. 

A happy looking dog with two Joy Organics broad spectrum pet CBD products.
Since small animals can be sensitive to THC, many pet owners opt to choose a fully THC-free, broad spectrum CBD product for the added peace of mind it provides. (Photo: Joy Organics)

How do I find the best CBD oil for my dog?

If you’re a dog owner, you obviously want only the highest quality pet products for your furry best friend. Choosing the best CBD oil can be tricky, especially with so many products available on the market. When you’re choosing CBD, make sure you look for the following:

  • CBD oil sourced from US-grown hemp, as there are more farming regulations here than in many other countries.
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil, which assures there are no trace amounts of THC. 
  • Third-party lab test results with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that proves there    is no presence of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, bacteria and heavy metals. COAs also certify cannabinoid levels are the same as what’s claimed on the label. 
  • Reviews from other dog owners who have used that company’s products.  

What is the best CBD product for my dog?

We recommend a broad spectrum CBD product that has clean ingredients and third party lab testing.

If your fur baby is not living his or her best life, we recommend talking to your vet about giving CBD oil try.

Photo:A dog with short, white fur and blue eyes receive a dropper of CBD oil.

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