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7 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives for People With Food Allergies

meat alternatives

Choosing allergy-friendly plant-based proteins

With limited meat availability and concerns related to health and the environment due to Covid-19, more consumers are embracing plant-based protein sources. And if you’re trying to cut back on meat, and you have a food allergy, you need to steer clear of common allergens, such as milk, fish, shell fish, tree nuts, eggs, fish, wheat, and soy.According to a 2019 survey from the International Food Information Council, one in six consumers report having a food allergy in the household, with 34 percent stating that the allergy is either very severe or extremely severe. Allergies may be an issue for those going meatless as faux meat products are commonly made with soy, wheat, and nuts. Fortunately, there are also plenty of allergen-free options, and they’re healthful for everyone. In other words, even if you can safely consume allergens, there are options you can add to your eating routine as a smart way to expand your nutrient intake and variety.Here is a list of seven foods that are free of the “big eight” allergenic foods. They are protein-rich, healthful, and more eco-friendly than meat. I’ve highlighted their nutritional benefits and simple, balanced ways to enjoy them as part of meatless meals.One important caveat: If you or someone in your home has a food allergy, it’s important to always read food labels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that food labels must clearly identify the eight major food allergens, or any protein derived from those ingredients.For example, a label may state “Contains wheat, milk, and soy.” But products are often reformulated, so double check even if you purchase it regularly. You’ll also want to look for statements about trace ingredients or manufacturing, such as, “May contain traces of milk,” or “Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts.”

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