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12 Common Bedroom Items that Are Secretly Toxic

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Is pollution invading your bedroom?

Most people think about pollution as an outdoor problem that they can escape when they go inside, but indoor pollution may be even more dangerous and pervasive. And it doesn’t help that, due to the coronavirus, we’re spending more time indoors. The concentrations of some pollutants can be up to five times higher than what you’d typically be exposed to outside. While this can be an issue in any room, bedrooms can be particularly concerning because we spend so much time there.The bedroom can be a significant source of air pollution, says Kimberly Button, who is a certified consultant with the International Well Being Building Institute. She also founded the website Get Green Be Well and created The Ultimate Home Detox Guide. She advises reducingas much as possiblethe potential toxins and allergens in your bedroom.Also, check out the ways toxins are sneaking in your entire home.

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