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12 Beauty Essentials for Healthy Summer Skin and Hair

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Your Skin

Even though winter 2020 is happily a distant memory, its effects are still being felt and seen when it comes to our bodies. If not given proper attention and care, common conditions like dry patches and keratosis pilaris (rough patches of skin, sometimes with tiny bumps) can linger well into summer.According to Ann Marie MacDonald, president of the Canadian skincare company Miracle 10, the best cure for minor skin ailments like these is to develop and maintain a good skincare routine for the body, no matter what theseason. “With a good skincare regimen all year long, adapting and customizing your collection to meet your individual needs each season provides a foundation to glowing skin,” she explains. “Laying this foundation prepares the skin to maintain a healthy glow.” However, if you’ve been on the neglectful side, there’s still time to reveal your best skin before Labour Day.MacDonald recommends exfoliating regularly, two or three times a week or as needed, and applying a rich moisturizer to soften and plump your skin. “Moisturize in the morning after bathing and, for added benefit, in the evening before bed,” she says, advising that special attention should be paid to areas like the hand, elbows, decolletage, upper arms and thighs. Make your mornings easier by swapping out your soap for a hydrating body cleanser, which MacDonald. says won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.Try:Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion, $42, caudalie.comPhilosophy Nature in a Jar Gentle Warming Exfoliator with jojoba, $48, shoppersdrugmart.caMiracle 10 Body Cleanser, $49, miracle10.com

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