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12 Pieces of Health Advice that Makes No Sense

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Feed a cold, starve a fever

It’s a catchy little catchphrase, but it doesn’t withstand scientific scrutiny. Well, not all of it, anyway. Elroy Vojdani, MD, a functional medicine practitioner and the founder of Regenera Medical in Los Angeles, explains that the first part is sound. “When the immune system is battling an infection, it uses a tremendous amount of energy, and the calories from food intake can certainly help fuel the immune response and ensure a speedy recovery.”The second part, however, is where things go awry. “The amount of energy used to fight an infection goes up exponentially when a fever is involved,” says Dr. Vojdani. “You, in fact, need more calories to help keep up with the energy depletion of a fever.” The smart path, he says, is to consume healthy caloriesbut without overdoing it and stressing your intestinal tract. He suggests easy-to-digest, nutritious, and hydrating foods like bone broth, and adds that you should also make sure to drink plenty of fluids and get ample rest. Whatever you do, avoid these sneaky ways summer can make you sick.

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