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10 Yoga Stretches That Help Banish Belly Bloating

yoga seated fold foward

Seated Forward Fold

The deep stretch found within a Seated Forward Fend applies a lot of pressure to the abdominal muscles, diminishing discomfort with every breath. (This one does go a little deeper than the Standing Forward Fold, so try not to push too far past what feels comfortable.) Seated on the floor, stretch your legs straight out in front of you, feet slightly apart. Then, bend forward at the hips, reaching toward your feet, keeping your back as straight as possible, says Gans. “If you’re just folding over, you wont get the same benefit as you do with a straight spine.” Take a few deep breaths once you’ve reached as far as you can, and use your hands to slowly guide your way back into an upright position. (Learn the ways you’re breathing wrong.)

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