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10 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Dehydration

Tired fitness woman sweating taking a break listening to music on phone after difficult training. Exhausted Asian runner dehydrated feeling exhaustion and dehydration from working out at gym.

What can dehydrate you?

Staying hydrated keeps your energy up and helps you stay mentally focused. Some situations, such as a hard workout or spending time outside in the hot sun, can commonly lead to dehydration. The sensation is likely familiar: Dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, and even dizzinessall signs that tell you that it’s time to reach for water. But, there are also sneaky things that can rob you of fluids. “Dehydration can easily happen to anybody,” says Amy Goodson, RD, in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. It happens when your body is losing more fluid than it’s receiving. The problem is, it can sneak up on you quickly, leaving you feeling run down and ill.Here, registered dietitians reveal unexpected situations where drinking water and increasing your fluid intake should be on your priority list.

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