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14 Things You Should Never Do in Bed

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Dont get hung up on the big O

Focusing on having an orgasm as the goal of intercourse can detract from the overall experience, especially with new partners. Many women who are having casual sex or are having sex for the first time dont necessarily orgasm, says Kerner. That doesnt mean anythings wrong. And theres nothing more likely to delay someone having an orgasm than continually asking if theyve had one. Hurrying someone toward orgasm accomplishes completely the opposite psychologically as well, Cox says. (Psst: Here’s the secret to a mind-blowing orgasm.)

Dont feel pressured to have sex

A popular myth is that couples who have sex several times a week are generally happier than their less-sexually active counterparts. However, while having sex once a week will likely strengthen your bond, any more than that will probably not improve your well-being. If you start to feel pressure to have sex but youre not into it, Kerner advises getting physical in other ways. Take 15 minutes to make out, give massages, take a shower together. Appreciate being physical without the pressure of sex.

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