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14 Things Doctors Eat for Breakfast Every Day

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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

You’ve probably heard since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And later on in adulthood, you may have heard it’s okay to skip it too (especially when you want to sleep in or are running late to work). So, what do doctors think about eating breakfast in general?”I’ve always eaten breakfast and it is automatic in my routine, but there are good health reasons,” says board-certified dermatologist Marie Hayag, MD, who practices in New York. “Not only does it replenish your glucose levels, it is helpful for brain power and mental alertness.”Medical studies tend to confirm eating breakfast is associated with overall better health,” says Jeffrey Landsman, MD, a primary care physician at Mercy Personal Physicians, Lutherville, Maryland. However, Nate Favini, MD, an internal medicine doctor in San Francisco, points out that might be due to the fact that those who tend to eat breakfast might also engage in other healthy behaviours like exercising and getting enough sleep.”Of course, if you do eat breakfast, what you eat matters,” adds Dr. Favini. Some foods are better choices than others when it comes to what you are eating on a daily basis. Nutella? Delicious, but not the best everyday choice. Bagel and cream cheese? Also not as healthy as some others. (Although it’s more about eating patterns than the occasional meal.)So what is a healthy breakfast? Let’s take a look at what our doctors and other medical experts tell us they choose to use as morning fuel.

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