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14 Things Doctors Eat for Breakfast Every Day

doctors eat for breakfast | breakfast cereal

High-fibre, low-sugar cereal

“I’m a busy physician with a six-year-old little boy, so breakfast is very important in our house to keep our energy levels up throughout the morning,” says Dr. Sizemore-Ruiz, and that’s why “sugary cereals, like pancakes and waffles, are typically a no-go in our home.” Such foods, and others with high sugar content, tend to lead to a crash only a couple of hours after eating. But not all breakfast cereals are high in sugar. Some are even doctor-approved, particularly if they’re high in protein and fibre and low in sugar. Dr. Landsman includes Kashi cereal in his breakfast rotation, enjoying a bowl with unsweetened almond milk and a sprinkling of flaxseeds for an added nutritional boost.

Charles Crutchfield, MD, an Eagan, Minnesota-based dermatologist, is another fan of cereal for breakfast, provided it’s the right cereal. For Dr. Crutchfield, a dermatologist, the “right” cereal is one that supports skin health. With that in mind, his daily breakfast, a good 95 percent of the time, consists of Shredded Wheat cereal with almond milk, topped with bananas, pecans, blueberries, strawberries, dried cranberries with almond milk. “The best vitamin supplement in the world,” he says, “doesn’t come from a bottle but from your plate having as many different colours as possible.”

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