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8 Signs Your Skin Products Are Secretly Damaging Your Face

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Your skin is more oily than usual after using a new product

If you find your skin is suddenly slicker than normal, it could be a sign that you’re stripping it of its natural oils. Your skin naturally acts as a barrier to keep out dirt and other free radicals in the environment. It does this by arming itself with a healthy balance of oils that keep moisture in. Over-washing or using a product that strips your skin of this natural oil is bad for maintaining that barrier. “If you’re using harsh products or not enough moisturizer, your skin will overcompensate for it and produce even more oil,” explains Eric Schweiger, MD, dermatologist, founder of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “Look for a moisturizer or serum containing hyaluronic acid rather than oils to hydrate the skin and use a gentle cleanser.” (Also, pay attention to these nighttime habits that are ruining your skin.)

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