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8 Underwear Mistakes That Can Mess With Your Health

overhead shot of woman putting on underwear

The crotch is not cotton

Ideally, every last inch of your underwear should be woven from these natural fibres, but at the very least, the centre stretch should be lined in cotton to keep your nether region fresh and dry. Research, including a study published in 2018 in Obstetrics & Gynecology,suggests that wearing non-cotton-crotch underwear can set you up for a yeast infection. Synthetic fabricslike polyester and lacecan mess with your vaginal health by trapping heat and moisture, irritating the skin and creating an environment for bacteria or a fungus to overgrow and multiply. Silk (sorry) has the same effect. Save the fancy for special occasions, but otherwise stick with cotton.

“It’s a very breathable fabric that has the ability to reduce moisture,” says Jennifer Wider, MD, women’s health expert and author of The Savvy Woman Patient. “As a result, women who wear 100 percent cotton have less of a chance of vaginal irritation and yeast infections.”

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