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What Ob-Gyns Want You to Know About Fertility

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Age is not the only obstacle to fertility

What’s the right age to have a baby? That depends on many things, including where a person is in their life and their personal goals and priorities. However, it’s known that fertility tends to decline with age. While the age 35 is traditionally tossed around, Brian Levine, MD, the founding partner and practice director of the fertility clinic, CCRM-New York, says younger women could also have fertility problems, but don’t discover it until they begin trying to conceive.

As a general rule of thumb (which definitely varies by the individual, a partner, and their family history), women who are under 35 years old who would like to get pregnant but haven’t conceived after a year of unprotected sex should should seek medical attention. Those over 35 should give it six months before seeing their doctor, according to Dr. Levine.

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