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Mantra Marma Therapy: Healing the Marma Energy Vortexes with Master Ameni Harris

Mantra Marma Therapy: Healing the Marma Energy Vortexes With prescribed Mantric Words of Power and Seven Dragons Yo Gong.  YoGong is a system of body-mind-spirit energy exercises which combines Yogic and Qigong practices.
Ameni Sasna Kheperaa (aka Ellieth Ameni Harris) began his career as a Research Scientist in the Chemical Industry, specializing in Paper, Wastewater treatment Mining and Enhanced oil recovery, where he developed 4 patents. As a lifelong student of yoga and yogic sciences for 45 years, Master Harris studied with Sri Swami Satchidananda of Integral Yoga in Yogaville, Virginia, and has been recognized as a Senior Yoga and Medical Qigong teacher for over 20 years. Interested in the healing power of food, Master Harris studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute, and obtained Certification in Chef Core Mastery. He earned his  MS in Nutrition at the  University Of Bridgeport, and works as Clinical Nutritionist and food therapist,  specializing in Enzyme Nutrition, Naturopathic nutrition, and African World Food Therapy; Master Harris was also  an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Nutrition in the College of Naturopathic Medicine, teaching  Holistic Nutrition. Additionally. Master Harris is an Herbalist with in depth knowledge in Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Egyptian Medicine. He has worked in many  clinics including: The Naturopathic Medical Center, Integrative Wellness, Life Prescriptions-Life Rx and Transcendence Wellness.
Immersing himself in TCM, he studied and practiced Chinese herbalism and medical QiGong, and co-Lead  health/education tours in Chinatown, NYC with  Dr. Z and The Natural Nurse®  He is an international lecturer in holistic health and was a radio host for over 20 years on WPKN, Bridgeport, working with Dr Zampieron on the program Black Introspectives .
To learn more, contact Master Harris  https://www.facebook.com/elieth.harris 

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