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14 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes to Avoid

low-carb diet mistakes | pasta

Not eating enough

Cutting back on carb-rich foods typically means you’re eliminating some staples of your usual diet (bread, pasta, rice, cereal). This equates to eating less than you might normally, and therefore taking in fewer calories. In addition, protein and fat are more satisfying and filling than carbs, so you’ll feel less hungry.Combine feeling more full and eating less overall and you could end up not eating enough. Here’s how to determine how many calories you should eat for weight loss. Calculate the calories you’re taking in and make sure you aren’t going below 1200 calories. You don’t want to go into starvation mode and lose precious muscle massthat would slow down your metabolism, which would undermine your efforts.

Trying to go low carb and low fat

In an effort to lose weight more quickly, you might layer a low-carb diet on top of a low-fat diet. That’s a big mistake. Not only will your diet be bland and boring, but you’ll struggle to eat enough calories. You need fat as an alternative energy source for the carbs you’re skipping. In other words, don’t cut out even more foods or nutrients. (Plus, know the signs that you actually need more carbs in your diet.)

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