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14 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes to Avoid

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Doing intense workouts your first week

As your body adapts in the first week or two of your low-carb diet, you probably feel weaker, have lower energy, and even feel light-headed. It’s not a good time to go on a cycling trip or try a Crossfit class. It takes time for your body to switch over to using fat as a fuel source rather than primarily carbohydrates. Make sure you’re getting enough rest and do lighter exercises such as walking or yoga until you start feeling more energized. (These are the top-rated yoga mats on Amazon.)

Eating too many calories

Although it’s easy to eat too little on a low-carb diet, overeating can occur as well. Many low-carb foods are also calorie-dense and easy to snack on. Nuts and cheese are the most common culprits. For example, a cup of macadamia nuts is 962 calories, leaving little room in your day for other foods and nutrients. A cup of shredded cheddar cheese has 460 caloriesand you can easily add that much when sprinkling it over your eggs, vegetables, and pizza. Think of these foods as toppings to add flavour and nutrients to your meals and snacks rather than foods you can eat by the bowlful.

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