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8 Best Physical Activities for Social Distancing

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Physical activity #7: Play tennis

“As far as distancing, and not having to be concerned about respiratory droplets, tennis and other racquet sports are nice options,” Bryant says. First, you can play tennis outside. Second, when you’re positioned on the other side of the court from your opponent, you’re typically maintaining more than six feet of distance and staying well outside the respiratory droplet splash zone. The one downside is that you’ll be using a shared piece of equipment: the tennis ball. Bryant says it’s not necessary to BYOB (bring your own ball), but that you’ll need to be aware of not touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) during the match, and diligently wash your hands immediately after.

Before you play, wash or sanitize your hands so that both people can be sure the other person is only touching the ball with clean hands, says Dr. Chima-Melton. If you’re playing inside, then the safest thing to do would be to wear a mask.

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