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12 Period Mistakes You’re Making Every Month



Periods smell like, well, periods, and some people think you need to mask the odor with powder, soap, or any wipe you can find. But using these fragrant products can actually irritate your vagina. When it comes to vaginal cleansing, leave it alone, says Clair Paik, MD, OB-GYN, associate professor and director of gynecology at UC Davis in Sacramento, California. The best way to keep your vaginal flora healthy and happy is to cleanse the internal parts with water only. Dr. Paik recommends avoiding any fragrant soaps, wipes, and shower gels, especially douching. As for outer parts, use an all-natural ingredient soap that doesnt have the words fragrance or perfume on the label to help you feel fresh.(Related: Amy Schumer Wants to Talk About Your Period)

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