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10 Cult-Classic Beauty Products We Swear By

classic beauty products

Forever favourites

In the 1980s, way before K-beauty and multi-step cleansing regimens, there was soap. And at my house, the stuff my mom liked to suds up with was always the same: a delightfully simple bar with the etching of a little bird on top. Today, it takes just one whiff of a classic Dove Beauty Bar and Im instantly reminded of my mom, who Ive been missing for five years now, and transported back to the bath nights of my childhood.In particular, I remember steamy soaks on Sunday nights, right after dinner and right before The Wonderful World of Disney started on TV, which left just enough time to slip into a fresh pair of PJs before landing on the living room couch. Things were fairly no-frills back then. I certainly never received handmade bath bombs, artisanal bath salts or the organic bubble baths my kids are treated to on the regular. But every so often, I remember my mom handing me a little cardboard box on my way into the tub. Inside would be a fresh bar just for me. On even rarer occasions, it would be something other than white (sometimes even soft pink!) and, as she sat next to me on the edge of the tub, Id be in washing heaven.I grew up with exactly two bars of the same soap in the bathroom at any given time one by the sink and the other on the edge of the bath. Fast-forward 30-something years and there are six different types of face wash lined up on my bathroom counter, from a rich crme exfoliating scrub to a no-rinse cleansing water. And thats just facial cleansing; theres a whole other lineup of body washes in the shower. While my mom might have been a cleansing minimalist, it would be safe to say that my style is maximalist to the max. But I have to admit that only a few of these products have the staying power to hang around in my fickle skincare regimen for the long run, not to mention my memories or my heart. (Related: Find out if you’re benefiting from your skin care regimen.)Read on for 10 of the biggest cult-classic beauty and grooming products that we all know and love.

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