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3 Stretches That Are Good For Your Heart

stretches for heart health

Stretch Your Way to Heart Health

A healthy diet and active lifestyle go a long way toward keeping our tickers in prime condition. And according to a paper recently published in the Journal of Physiology, we can now add regular leg stretching to the preventive measures for heart disease and diabetes.The study followed a group of men and women who exhibited increased blood flow in their lower legs and upper arms, and reduced arterial stiffness, after passively stretching their legs for 12 weeks (a passive stretch uses an external force like gravity, a wall or a chair). That boon to heart health makes good sense to Whitney Dikoume, a Calgary-based strength coach and certified athletic therapist. She offers up three sets of complementary exercises and stretches that will not only increase your strength and flexibility but also target the muscles surrounding major artery groups.(Related: 4 Expert Tips You Need to Know to Stretch Properly)

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