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Mushroom Jerky and 7 Other Healthy Alternatives Nutritionists Love

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Healthy swaps to traditional foods

As a registered dietitian, I’m asked about the many healthier alternatives to not-so-healthy foods on a daily basis.What do I think of cauliflower “rice” in place of white rice? Jicama wraps instead of flour tortillas? And lentil pasta rather than wheat pasta?All three of these get my thumbs up.But some swaps are either unnecessary, not worth the extra cost, or not actually a nutrition upgrade (I’m looking at you, protein ice cream).A smart substitution should improve the overall quality of your meal. This may involve replacing a highly processed food with a nutrient-rich whole food or a food tied to better health outcomes. A savvy swap may also help fill a nutrient gapsuch as increasing fibre, vitamins, or mineralscreate a better overall macronutrient balance, or fill missing servings from important food groups, like produce or whole grains. In other words: Simply adding an isolated nutrient to a highly processed or sugary treat isn’t a trade up.Fortunately, there are lots of trendy exchanges that score actual nutrition points. I have my own favourites, but I also reached out to a few colleagues who are dietitians, as well.Here’s a round-up of healthy food swapsto traditional foods that nutritionists trust, plus tips on how to incorporate them tobest optimize your health.(Related: 10 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Processed Foods)

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