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20 Whole30 Snacks You’ll Actually Want to Eat

whole30 snacks like eggs

Egg and veggie muffins

Melissa Hartwig is co-founder and CEO of Whole30.com and a leading voice in the Whole30 movement. Though Hartwig suggests Whole30 followers avoid snacking or grazing as a general rule, she recognizes that long work days or erratic schedules may leave people in the lurch.”Having Whole30 snacks prepared and ready to go is a smart move,” she says. “To discern between hunger and a craving, I’ll ask myself, ‘Am I hungry enough to eat eggs?’ If the answer is no, it’s probably just a craving,” Hartwig says. “If it’s a yes, single-serve veggie frittata baked in muffin tins are a portable mini-meal that taste just as good cold or hot.”(Related: Top 10 Plant-Based Food Trends for 2021)

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