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This Is the Best Fitness App for You

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There’s an app for that

Fitness apps are becoming an increasingly popular tool to help boost movement during the day. In fact, fitness app downloads increased by nearly 50 percent worldwide in the first half of 2020 as a result of last springs lockdown, which shut down gyms, studios, and other IRL classes.Fitness apps allow users to get fit anywhere. They usually feature some sort of streamed video component (both live and on-demand) which guides users through a workout. Many apps also integrate your phone’s health tracker, or you can sync up your Apple Watch or other fitness tracker to it so you can track your progress.As someone who relies heavily on working out and moving around in order to stay sane during quarantine, I know how essential a good fitness app can beit really helps me stick to a routine and guides me through a workout sesh (I’d be clueless otherwise!). For me, its the difference between sitting on the couch for an hour, trying to pick out a workout video that will do just the trick and actually exercising.Luckily, there are apps for every exercise niche out there. Maybe youre a dancer who cant get to your favourite studio right now. Or perhaps youre new to the home workout game and need a bit of guidance. No matter who you are, or what your needs, theres an app for you.(Related: Cant Fit In a Full At-Home Workout? Do This)

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