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7 Hacks for Strong and Healthy Nails


Many factors contribute to unhealthy nails

With nail salons closed in many parts of the country due to the pandemic, and all the hand washing and hand sanitizing were doing these days, our hands and nails may be starting to look worse for wear.Unhealthy nails are weak, brittle and tend to break if they grow past a certain point. Other signs include discolouration, and the appearance of redness or swelling in the surrounding skin. But the first sign is often any change from your baseline. Not everyone can have long, luxurious, almond-shaped nails, says Dr. Rene Beach, a Toronto-based dermatologist and founder of DermAtelier on Avenue. If whats normal for you has suddenly changed, then that should be a personal warning sign.”Lots of factors can lead to unhealthy nails, but they can also be a sign of another health issue at work. For example, discolouration can be caused by something as basic as household exposures or occupational exposures [to chemicals], Beach says. An underlying skin condition can also be the cause. Like, when we see the thickening or lifting of nails or yellowing underneath that can be a sign of psoriasis.Here are seven ways you can keep your nails healthy and strong.(Related: Press-On Nails Are the New Heroes of At-Home Manis)

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