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Vibrators: A Great Way to Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to Me’

Best vibrators in Canada | Vibrators Suech And BeckWhether youre new to vibrators or are curious about new tech, here are five great models available in Canada that can help add some spice to pandemic life.(Related: Top 10 Sexiest Cities in Canada, Based on Sex Toy Sales)

1. I need fresh tech

Most of your clitoris is actually internal that wee nub you see is only the beginning. In the past few years, theres been an explosion (she said explosion) of options in a newer category of sex toy that uses pulsing airwaves instead of direct vibrations to stimulate your entire clit.Melt by We-Vibe, $159, we-vibe.com

2. Little help here? Im new

A bullet-style mini vibe can be the least intimidating way to start exploring sex toys (and its also a handy tool to have in your goodie drawer if you get into other toys that are designed to be powered by a bullet). This baby is rechargeable and has 20 different vibration patterns.Screaming O Charged Vooom Bullet, $40, screamingo.com

3. I like a classic

This chic standard vibrator can be used internally or externally and has an easy single-button control, which makes it great for beginners. Extra points for being a Canadian brand!Aurora by Bellesa, $99, bboutique.co(Related: 7 Best Self-Love Items from Nordstroms Online Pop-Up Shop)

4. Supersize me

Old-school wand vibrators can feel ridiculous at first because theyre just so large, but theres a reason theyve been around for so long. Their long reach means theyre especially handy (she said handy) for people with mobility issues and for partner play, and their powerful rumble means you can actually use them for massaging muscles elsewhere too.Lelo Smart Wand Medium, $209, lelo.com

5. Im ready to level up

A rabbit-style vibe is the ideal two-in-one toy. One ear is used for clitoral stimulation, while the other goes to work on your G spot internally. This model is super bendy, so the external ear never loses contact with your clitoris.We-Vibe Nova 2, $159, we-vibe.comNext: Can Cannabis Help Kick-Start My Sex Drive?

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