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15 Natural Beauty Brands You Had No Idea Were Canadian

Bite Lip gloss

Bite Beauty

Toronto-based lippy brand Bite Beauty is known for its literally good-enough-to-eat (theyre made with food-grade ingredients) sugar scrubs and agave lip masks. But it’s also known on the beauty scene for its high-pigment liners and lipsticks in shades you never thought possible for a natural company.Because most of us tend to be dressing up our eyes more than our lips right now, the brand has recently released its first mascara (the Upswing Full-Volume Mascara) and eyeliner (Upswing Extreme Longwear Eyeliner).Yaysayer Plumping Lip Gloss, $25 each, bitebeauty.com(Related: What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About Your Personality?)

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