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6 Great Spin Bikes that Cost Less Than a Peloton


Indoor bikes are a popular way to stay fit at home

For many Canadians, a spin bike has become the answer to getting a heart pump at home. Its a great form of cardio and lower-body strengthening, and with a proper setup, its gentle on your body, too. Youre not constantly banging your joints on concrete or asphalt, so you have longevity of your joints and connective tissue, says Martha Williams, a Kingston, Ont.-based master instructor (she trains trainers!) for global fitness education and equipment brand Spinning.She also loves the mental focus that the workout offers. One of the beautiful things about riding inside is you can close your eyes and become completely connected, says Williams. You can focus on technique, how youre breathing and your heart rate.That said, the price tags on some spin bikes dont exactly conjure blissful vibes. While all the upgraded features of Pelotons top-of-the-line model add up to a fantastic workout, there are other trusty options that cost a lot less.(Related: 6 Mistakes You May Be Making In Spinning Class)

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