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Baobab: How One Trendy New Ingredient Fights Dry Hair

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Pantene Main Img 1000x750With fewer opportunities to visit the salon for hair maintenance, its never been more important to nourish and protect your mane from home. But if youre busy juggling work, kids, pets or the worries that come along with a global pandemic, it may feel easy to let self-care slide and split ends take over.Thats where baobab comes in.

What is baobab?

You may have heard of argan and marula oilsboth native to Africabut baobab is probably a little less familiar. A type of deciduous tree that grows primarily in Eastern Africa (including Tanzania), the baobab tree is locally known as the tree of life because it flourishes in dry climates. How? By storing huge amounts of water in its trunk. This unusual ability means it can survive decades without rain and continue to produce edible leaves and fruit that are used in local herbal remedies.Pantene Img2 1000x750

Why is baobab great for dry hair?

Its not just the tree itself that has the amazing ability to withstand harsh, dry climates. Baobab seeds are rich in vitamin E, which may help to soothe and hydrate dry skin and hair.Cold press the seeds to distill their vitamin Erich essence, blend it with antioxidants, strengthening lipids and pro-vitamin B5 (a Pantene signature) and youve got Pantenes latest Nutrient Blends collection: Hydrating Glow with Baobob Essence. Thanks to the addition of baobab, the lines hero ingredient, the shampoo, conditioner and serum provide intense, long-lasting hydration for even the most parched hair. Plus, the collection is entirely free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and mineral oil.Pantene Img3 1000x750

How can I use baobab at home?

If you want to combat the effects of indoor heating and infrequent trims, set aside a little me time to reinvigorate your tired, dry locks and transform them with softness and shine.

  • Step 1: Gently cleanse your dry hair with Pantenes Sulfate-Free Hydrating Glow Shampoothe perfect shampoo for dry hair. It will remove oil and grime without stripping your strands of moisture.
  • Step 2: Coat your mane with the Sulfate-Free Hydrating Glow Conditioner to infuse your locks with weightless hydration and promote shine. Allow it to sit, then rinse after a couple of minutes.
  • Step 3: Towel off your hair and apply the Sulfate-Free Hydrating Glow Milk to Water Serum. The formula wont weigh the hair down and transforms into a light treatment that absorbs deeply for lasting hydration, all while helping to prevent dry ends from becoming split ends. You can also reapply it in between washes for a little hydrating boost!

Pantene Img4 1000x750And if dryness and split ends arent your mane concerns, the Pantene Nutrient Blend line has even more collections for every hair type and need! Use your preferred range to treat your hair even when you cant visit the salon.

  • Gently cleanse strands and get rid of build-up with the Sulfate-Free Conditioner from the Pure Clean and Clarify Fragrance-Free collection.
  • Add moisture and tame frizz with the Miracle Moisture Boost with Rose Water collectionespecially the Soft Hair Treatment.
  • Add major volume with the Leave-In Treatment from the Hair Thickness Multiplier with Bamboo collection.
  • Repair damage with the Overnight Restoring Serum from the Fortifying Damage Repair with Castor Oil collection.
  • Care for your curls with the Moisture Lock Curl Mist from the Complete Curl Care with Jojoba Oil collection.
  • Protect a dye job with the Sulfate-Free Conditioner from the Illuminating Color Care with Biotin collection.
  • And finally, to deep clean, try the Silicone-Free Conditioner from the Deep Detox & Renew with Charcoal collection.

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