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How Does This Trendy Plant-Based Egg Compare to the Real Thing?

Canadian vegans and plant-based food enthusiasts rejoice: JUST Egg is now available in a number of Canadian supermarkets like Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Walmart and Wholefoods.The new-to-Canada product, JUST Egg Folded, is a frozen, toaster-ready egg that reminds me of a basic egg omelette youd make for a breakfast sandwich. While the company has other plant-based egg products (like their liquid egg), for now, Folded is the only JUST product available north of the border.According to a press release, JUST Egg Folded is cholesterol-free and has 13 grams of protein per serving. Its also non-GMO, dairy-free and has no artificial flavours. And, despite its name, its main ingredient is mung beans, the same legume thats used in other popular faux meat products like Beyond Burgers.(Related: 24 Plant-Based Dinner Recipes to Make in Quarantine and Beyond)Just Egg PackagingBut how does it taste? At first, I was a little put-off. When you open up the packaging, the product is frozen solid and looks just like a yellow dish sponge. But, once I popped it in my toaster oven for about 10 12 minutes, the product became soft and pillowy. I tried it naked and found that it didnt have a super eggy taste (mostly, it reminded me of Beyond Meat because it had that same mung bean aftertaste), but I loved the texture. It really did feel like an omelette.(Related: 7 Plant-Based Meat Alternatives for People With Food Allergies)A selling point for this plant egg is that its super easy to prepare and that you can substitute it in a number of recipes. You can pan fry it, bake it in the oven, or even just pop it into your stand-up toaster. I added it to two of my meals and tried preparing it two different ways. First, I added a toaster oven-prepped egg to a bagel sandwich with hot sauce, avocado, tomato and pickled red onions. I didnt notice a huge difference between this sandwich and what I usually make with a normal egg. In fact, I appreciated how the plant egg stayed together in one mass (usually, my scrambled egg falls apart as I eat the sandwich).Later, I sliced the plant egg into strips, pan fried it, and added it to my stir-fried Udon noodles with green onion and soy sauce. Again, I didnt get the egg flavour, but I liked how quickly it cooked in the pan. Plus, I found that the plant egg slices soaked up all the seasoning, so they turned out really tasty. It was a quick and easy way for me to add some protein into an otherwise carbs-only affair.While I am going to continue buying normal eggs (I just cant do without a runny egg yolk!), Im definitely planning on keeping a pack of JUST Egg Folded on hand to speed up my sandwich process (especially in the mornings when I dont really have time to fry up an egg and clean the pan before starting my day). And, if youre a vegan or someone looking to incorporate more plant-based protein in your life, JUST Egg Folded is a great alternative for any dish that calls for a fried egg.JUST Egg Folded, $7.99.Now that you know about JUST Egg’s Canadian release, check out 2021’s biggest plant-based food trends.

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