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8 Comfy-Chic Spring Substitutes for Your Over-Worn Sweatpants

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The Best Spring Loungewear Available in Canada

There are many things that havent aged well since the pandemic beganlike shaking hands, sharing desserts, or the old adage dress for the job you want. If the latter were true these days, you’d think a large majority of us were aspiring to be toddlers.Since we can finally see the light (read: vaccine) at the end of the tunnel, and the cheeriness of spring is in the air, we’re ready to elevate our loungewear to something a little more desk-to-outside-world appropriate. Its time to retire those baggy-kneed, saggy-bottomed sweats that have served you so well this winter, and slip into something equally as comfortable, but more flattering and potentially more beneficial (one study showed wearing more formal clothing could give your brain a boost).Below, weve rounded up eight easy swaps for your sweats that are comfortable enough for being perched on your office chair all day and cool enough to wear on a lunchtime escape.(Related: Sweaty Betty, the UKs Popular Yoga-Wear Line, Is Now Available in Canada)

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