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12 Expert Tips for Touching Up Your Roots at Home

How to dye your roots at home | How to touch up your roots at home

How to touch up roots at home

Blondes with bad roots first! I can picture Jason Lee, hairstylist and owner ofJason Lee Salon in Toronto, screaming when he re-opens his doors and a herd of colour-block-haired women push past him in a race to his chair.While our natural hair colour makes a grander appearance as salon reopen dates keep getting pushed back, were left to consider our two options: One: Embrace our roots! Give our hair a break from dye and save the job for a professional. Two: Take charge! Refuse to let COVID-19 take away our freedom and our good-looking locks and take matters into our own (overly-washed) hands.Those in the former group, good for you. Enjoy your newfound low-maintenance vibe. Those in the latter group, read on:Here, Lee shares his tips for taking care of your roots at home.

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