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How to Trim Your Hair at Home

How to trim your hair

The need for a trim

When the pandemic first started, and after salons had only been closed for a few weeks, an alarming number of people were overcome with the need to cut their own hair (and post their results on social media). Were they used to getting biweekly haircuts BC (before Covid)? Were they just bored? Or was their hair growing at an extraordinary rate la the kid from The Peanut Butter Solution?Over a year later, some of us are feeling that same itch to give our locks a trimbut for a more understandable reason. In cities like Toronto, hair salons have been closed for months, and there’s no sign of them reopening anytime soon. So we reached out toKelly Araujo (@hello.kells), hairstylist at Alibi Cutting Room in Toronto, for her tips for an at-home cut.(Also, thinking about dying your roots at home? Read these hair dying tips first.)

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