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How to Trim Your Hair at Home

How to trim your hair | How to cut your hair yourself

2. Stop trying to make bangs happen

Finally decided youre ready for bangs? You might want to put that thought on hold (again). I believe there is a type of fringe for everyone, says Araujo, but determining what type of fringe is best for you and your hair is best determined by you and your stylist.Have bangs that need a trim? Here, Araujos rules:

  • Do not use kitchen or craft scissors. You need precision scissors. Some pharmacies carry them, and Amazon does, too. (Try these.)
  • Ignore the sides of your bangs and focus on the centre. This will give you more of a moon-shaped fringe that can grow out better than a blunt fringe.
  • Limit yourself to trimming the hairs that are falling into your eyes, and leaving the rest for your hairstylist.

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