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4 Ways the Pandemic Has Taken a Toll on Our Bodies

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This is ourselves under pressure:

Throughout the pandemic, one voice has reverberated through the corridors of my mind. My mother, a nurse for 30-plus yearswho retired at the end of 2019 and then went right back to work at a COVID-19 testing centre in March 2020has always said stress will make you sick. She told me that when I was an anxious child chasing perfection, when I was a new mom chasing perfection and now, during the pandemic (Ive dropped the perfectionism but still hang on to the stress).Throughout my life, stress has almost always found a path from the internal to the external: teeth grinding, appetite loss, dizzy spells. Living under the stress of the pandemic for more than a year has been no different for meor for nearly everyone Ive spoken with. Here are a few of the ways stress can present itself physically and what to expect when this particular stress begins to subside.(Related:Why Exercise Can Be the Most Effective Way to Relieve Stress)

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