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The Best Blankets, Bed Sheets and Pillows for a Cool Sleep

Stacked Sheets

Cooling Bed Sheets

Try: Casper Hyperlite SheetsFrom $139, CasperOK, when I heard about these sheets, I didnt believe the hype. Im generally of the opinion that most bed sheets are pretty much alike, but after trying these I can say with full authority that I BELIEVE.Made with Tencel lyocell, a super soft synthetic fibre, and grid weave for maximum breathability, these sheets are so weirdly light it feels as if youre sleeping under fairy wings. Now I dont even bother with any of my other sheetsjust wash this set and put it right back on the bed. Comes in Indigo, Dusty Rose, White, Grey and Fog Blue.(Related:Meet Lyocell, a Potentially Sustainable Fabric That Could Become Your New Favourite Textile)

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