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The Best Blankets, Bed Sheets and Pillows for a Cool Sleep

Duvet Rolled

Cooling Weighted Blanket

Try: Gravid Weighted Blanket with Cooling CoverFrom $268 at GravidI love weighted blankets for their much-touted ability to help tossers and turners relax. But these blankets were pretty much a winter-only thing for me because I always found them too warm for the hotter months. Enter this blanket from Canadian brand Gravidboth the inner weighted blanket and outer cover are made from eucalyptus-derived Tencel lyocell which doesnt trap heat. The cover feels slippy and cool to the touch. It also attaches to the blanket with a neat zipper design that avoids the bunching Ive experienced with other weighted blankets. So far it only comes in a dark blueish greybut hope eternal!(Related: Can a Weighted Blanket with Cooling Tech Help Me Sleep (and Not Over-Heat)?)

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