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The Best Blankets, Bed Sheets and Pillows for a Cool Sleep

Casper Novah

Cooling Mattress

Try: Casper Wave Hybrid Snow MattressFrom $2,545, CasperReal talk: I havent actually tried this mattress, but Ive been thinking about it since Casper launched their Cooling Collection thats all about keeping you up to 6 degrees cooler than other mattresses. The beds in this collection have snow technology, which includes a layer of cooling gel and breathable fabric that collects and moves heat away from your body, like some kind of superhero. While theres a slightly more affordable mattress in the collection (the Nova Hybrid Snow, starting at $2,095) this one is the most supportive for people with achy backs.(Related:3 AM and Wide Awake? Heres How to Sleep Through the Night)

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