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6 Mistakes You May Be Making in Spinning Class

Spinning Mistakes Bike Adjustment: cyclebar studio showing bikes all lined up

Spinning Mistake #1: Your bike isnt set up properly

If your bike isnt adjusted for you, you wont be able to get the most out of your cycling class: you wont be able to keep up with the class, you wont be able to challenge yourself enough and, worse, you stand a chance of injury. Heres how Lebovitz says to adjust your bike.

  • The seat should be at the same height as the hipbone. That creates a slight bend in the knee when the bum is on the seat and the leg is fully extended. Check both legs. If a bike seat is too high, you will not be able to use your leg muscles correctly to push out of the saddle, and can possibly cause a knee injury, says Lebovitz. And if the seat is too low, your knees may become strained in the seated position, particularly during a heavy climb, she adds.
  • The distance between the handlebars and the seat should be about the length of your forearm. Another good way to check this is to sit on the bike and make sure that your knee does not go ahead of your foot when you pedal. You can adjust this by moving either the handlebars, the seat or both. The knee should not be bent more than 90 degrees during rotation, says Lebovitz. And, handlebars should be approximately one to two inches higher than the seat. The higher handlebars, the easier the ride will be on your core and back.

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