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6 Mistakes You May Be Making in Spinning Class

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Spinning Mistake #3: Taking it easy

With spin, you have full control over how intense a class will be. From person to person, gear 10, at a given cadence, can feel very different, says Lebovitz. Even day-to-day, a persons energy and ability may fluctuate. So how heavy the tension you put on your bike (by turning that knob which is typically below the handlebars) is personal, says Lebovitz.A good sweat, raised heart rate and breathlessness are generally pretty good indications of hard work in a given ride, says Lebovitz. If it’s feeling easy, turn the knob until you’re feeling it in your legs.Lebovitz says to compare your workouts tooremember where on the dial you worked. As a general rule, if the power average does not seem to be improving over say 10 or more rides, the rider is probably not using enough power.(Related: Why You Should Buy Cycling Shoes if You Use an Exercise Bike at Home)

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